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If you ever find happiness by hunting for it, you will find it as the old woman did her lost spectacles. Safe on her own nose all the time. ~ Josh Billings


I was right...

Well I don't know if it's mothers' intuition or just a coincidence, but I was right, we found out Wednesday we are having a girl. Now all we can do is wait. 28 days until my due date!



Derek and I took a much needed vacation to Lexington, KY, Gatlingburg, TN, and Asheville, NC. The trip ended with a 3 day evangelism conference at the Billy Graham Training Center. I highly recommend this! A great training and they treat you like royalty :)

My brother's new bunny, Henry Winkler

Belated OSU Pics

Here is a belated pic from tailgating at OSU vs Illinois.


The Can Can

Star in Your Own JibJab! It's Free!
Thought you guys might get a kick out of this. I recommend going to and putting your two favorite men into the Hula. It's much funnier!


A Public Apology to all OSU fans...

In 1998, Derek took me to my first OSU game in Columbus. OSU was ranked #1 in the nation and undefeated. They played unranked Michigan State. Before the game, Derek apologized, saying "I know this will be a boring game, Michigan State has no chance of winning." Well, Michigan State won and for the last 9 years I have not been allowed back in the stadium....until Saturday. Before I left at the end of the game, I took a nice long look at the stadium because Derek said I will never in my lifetime be allowed to set foot there again. So I appologize to any OSU fans, I will never go to another game again :)
* A side note for those of you who do not watch OSU. They were once again undefeated, #1 in the nation and playing unranked Illinois. Illinois beat us Saturday. To prove my bad luck, the Bucks scored their 3rd touchdown to put them within 7 points while I was in the bathroom, when I returned, the quarterback threw an interception...


Boy or Girl?

Ok, everyone is asking, is it a boy or a girl???? And it's such a long story so I will tell you all at once and get it over with! Just a back story for those of you who do not remember. I had a Dr I really liked. I went for my 3rd appointment at about 16 weeks and he told me " I have bad news, I'm closing my practice and moving to Florida in 3 weeks"!?!?!! So, I went to Dr. #2 for my 20 week appointment, expecting to find out if it's a boy or a girl!!! That was yesterday.....So we get there, see the nurse, and she says we're gonna do an ultrasound, so I ask, are we gonna be able to find out if it's a boy or girl?!?! And she replies "No, we do not tell the sex of the baby." ?!?!?!?!?!? So of course I'm hormonal, and it's just not fair to shock a hormonal woman like that, so I start to cry. She asks if that's ok and I realized my only option was to go to Dr. #3 and I am quickly running out of options. Not to mention it may take another month to get into a new doctor and then who knows if they may or may not be able to tell anyways! So she left the room and let Derek and I talk about it. By the time she came back in, I still didn't know what I wanted to do. So she suggested we talk to the Dr and then decide. So we talked to him in his office for a long time and he explained. He said of course telling the gender is just a guess, and he did for many years. However, so many people complained and threw a fit if he was wrong. Then the final straw was a couple that came in. He told them what they were having and it was not what they wanted, so they terminated the pregnancy, sometime between 20-24 weeks. Since then he has refused to tell the sex. So after hearing his reasoning, we decided to stay with him. So I have no idea if we're having a boy or a girl, but he's a great doctor, he did an ultrasound and he or she is perfect....he showed us the genital area and told us we could draw our own conclusions. Either I am completely oblivious or it's a girl, because I didn't see a darn thing! However, I am not confident enough in my ultrasound interpretation skills to go out and buy pink. So that's the long story of why I haven't told anyone if it's a boy or a girl....I have NO idea. But the baby is perfect and that's all that matters!



Columbus, Peoria, Coaching, and Doctors

Last week I was gone almost all week. I started in Columbus for two days at a conference all about breastfeeding. It was a great conference and I met a lot of really nice people there. We spent the whole time laughing and having a great time. Also, talking about babies and breastfeeding makes me so anxious for February! Another exciting thing about the conference was that we stayed in the same hotel as the OSU football team. Apparently they stay there until the dorms open and feed them breakfast and lunch in their restaurant as well. So we saw them all over the hotel and in the restaurant at meals. I kept my eyes open for Tressel, but didn't see him, but another lady there did.

Then the day after I got back from Columbus we went to Peoria for the weekend to visit our friends. It was funny because we did all these tourist things we never did while we lived there. We had such a great time and I miss it sooooo much! It was hard to come back....

Another thing going on is Derek coaching the HS soccer team. Last year they only won 1 game and this year they haven't won any yet (they've only had 2), but I think they're improving. I absolutely hate going to the games because all I hear are people complaining about Derek's coaching. I just try to reassure myself that even if they were winning every game they'd still be complaining. Laura, didn't Bob coach too? Did you have this problem?

So yesterday I went to my OB. I was so excited because next time I go I get to find out if it's a boy or girl! So anyways, he informs me that he's closing his practice in 3 weeks!?!?! So now I'm moving on to doctor #2 that he recommends. Of course I'm an emotional basketcase but I was able to keep it together. I can't say the same about watching CMT today. I heard a new song by Kenny Chesney, "Don't Blink." If you haven't heard it, give it a guess is Laura will be the only one hormonal enough to breakdown, but who knows!